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About the 2 companies behind the eText


Dartfish develops and offers cutting-edge video solutions that empower its users to CAPTURE, ANALYZE and SHARE video content.

Dartfish makes the power of video accessible to millions and sets the video standard across industries such as sport, education, and healthcare. Dartfish, trusted globally by thousands of elite sport organizations, federations, and corporations, leads the world with technology to create, analyze and distribute video content.

Starting in Switzerland, Dartfish solutions went viral and global. With customers everywhere, we now have offices worldwide to better serve them.


Our mission is to provide education publishers with a range of collaborative platforms that aim at differentiating and enhancing digital books. The primary audience of our B2B customers are academic students and 16-19 years old students. 

Thanks to the Publiwide solutions, publishers have consolidated their market share and opened up some complementary digital opportunities adding new dimension to their print content.

Recent platform developments have been driven by forward-thinking client-partners aiming at launching innovative publishing models:

  • Ebook personalization and customization
  • Reflowable Ebook refactoring and editing
  • Direct content delivery offline and online